Accounts Checklist

List of Information needed for Year End accounts and income tax returns

1.      Bank statements for the year
2.      Lodgement books completed
3.      Cheque books with stubs filled out
4.      Credit card statements (Company)
5.      Loan/lease/HP statements and agreements
6.      List of fixed assets owned
7.      Details of fixed asset additions/disposals in year
8.      Details of investments held (Company and personal)
9.      Closing stock/work in progress listing
10.   Closing debtors listing
11.   Sales invoice/listing
12.   Copies of sales invoices/duplicate book
13.   List of closing creditors
14.   Closing creditor statements
15.   Purchases invoice listing for year
16.   All purchases invoices for year
17.   Employee pension details
18.   VAT return details
19.   Payroll details for the year (P35)
20.   Tax deduction cards for all employees
21.   Vehicle registration certificates for all motor vehicles (Tax book)
22.   Rental property information (Add link here to rental property info list)
23.   Personal pension details, medical expenses etc.
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